Claiming the Heart of Vraithe is a spicy science fiction romance centered on Army vet turned English teacher Mara whose military memoir has suddenly become popular on the alien planet Vraithe.


Vikk, a super hot and sexy alien, is more than happy to transport her to Vraithe to help with the film adaptation of her memoir.


Things get a little splcy between them!


These two are "opposites attract" characters with unique characteristics, flaws, needs, and desires. 
It will not be a surprise to hear that Mara's military memoir has been badly mistranslated into Vraitheian. Because, you see, there's a REASON why her novel is extremely popular on the planet Vraithe, and Mara's none-too-pleased about it when she finds out.
There's humor and heartache. Love amongst the shadows of loneliness. Friendship and found family. You have my promise of multiple spicy scenes and the guarantee of a happily-ever-after.
There's also a bit of kidnapping... but hey, what's a little kidnapping amongst friends and lovers?


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