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My SF story that originally appeared in Kaleidotrope's Winter 2020 Issue

Anne's ship crash lands on a foreign planet. What unfolds is a story about what it truly means to be a human with vivid memories on a planet with no humanity.

"WWMVD?" appeared in the inaugural issue of SpillOver Magazine in May 2021. SpillOver Magazine is a place for niche and experimental work, both fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.


I was quite thrilled when the editor in chief, Zoe Gianfrancesco loved the piece and wanted it for her publication.


You may be asking yourself, what exactly does "WWMVD?" mean? Well, prepare yourself; it is an initialism for the phrase, "What Would My Vagina Do?"


"WWMVD?" is a tongue-in-cheek dark humor piece about social media and out-of-touch elitism, and it starts off thusly:


I knew things had gotten out of hand when my vagina got her own Twitter handle. It started innocently enough. Eighteen months ago my newish girlfriend Chloe and I were undecided on where to eat for dinner and she flippantly asked, “What would your vagina do?”


It is a short but fun piece that I hope makes you chuckle. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

"Transfer Student"

"Transfer Student" is a piece of flash fiction that I wrote for a creative writing class assignment in August of 2020 (I'm a Creative Writing student at Southern New Hampshire University). Because my professor and many of the students in the class loved this piece, I decided to submit it to a literary journal.


When I came across Fahmidan Journal on Twitter, and read about their journal's goal of publishing diverse voices and their cacophonous words, I knew I had to submit to them. Never did I dream I'd hear back from the editors so quickly. They wanted "Transfer Student" for their first ever issue. What an honor!


Fahmidan editors in chief, Ranna Kisswani and Anthony R Salandy, praised my work, writing: Thank you for trusting us with your beautiful work. Our team really enjoyed it and decided to publish your flash fiction piece 'Transfer Student' in our inaugural edition of 'Fahmidan'. Your piece encouraged our team to think alongside the stream of consciousness and strong narration! We plan to publish our first issue early in September.


You can read the piece it its entirety below (the entire story is one paragraph) but you can also read it at Fahmidan Journal's website (page 27). I'd also love to hear your thoughts on the story's main character. What is her state of mind?

"Bog Bonbons for my Bae" appeared in the inaugural issues of Tales from the Year Between, Achten Tan: Land of Dust & Bone." I also served as an assistant editor for the volume.


Set in the dusty wasteland of Achten Tan, "Bog Bonbons for my Bae" is part fantasy, science fiction, and romance where soldier (and half-orc) Kreshmore finally tries to win the girl of his dreams, Willowmere (half-elf and armor specialist). Over the course of one night, the pair have to travel through the desert and enter a bog, a setting that doesn't necessarily beg "romance" but Kreshmore and Willowmere are not your usual characters.


About the series: Part literary magazine, part writing club, part cult, and all creativity, Tales From the Year Between is the best-selling semi-annual speculative fiction anthology with a unique premise. Twice a year it gathers a disparate group of authors from all across the globe to collaborate in shared world-building and creative writing. Using a modified version of Avery Alder’s fabulous game The Quiet Year as a massive writing prompt, each volume of The Year Between begins with nothing more than a simple premise (“a desert fantasy world, like D&D’s Dark Sun”). Contributors participate in a week-long “game” to create a shared canon of people, places, events, and themes. From this chaotic melange of ideas, each participant then creates their own stories, poems, letters, and even recipes, all set in the world they created together. Intrigued?

The Pale Waters

Read the first novella in my 4-novella series.


Summoned by Izkirka’s mysterious ruler, class-zero citizen Rahda clashes with Prince Roland Rexus in a battle of lies, secrets, and seduction. She's been sent to kill him, he knows it, and, strangely enough, he does nothing to actively stop her.


But once she's in the presence of the man who everyone calls a dark prince, everything begins to unravel.







The disfigured prince has his own reasons for summoning the woman meant to kill him; reasons that will alter Rahda's perception of the world around her. Within a matter of days, she’s thrust into an unfamiliar society with an untrustworthy prince, and becomes involved in a war she never knew existed.


Rahda's no longer sure where she fits in when she uncovers the truth about Roland, and about herself.


The Pale Waters, the first novella in the Reclaimed Souls Series, will have readers asking themselves, "Who Owns Your Soul?"


Who holds who "captive" in this erotic tale?


Can one night turn into forever?


Sometimes, all it takes is a distraction to ignite passion

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