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Did you love the Divergent Series.... the book or the movie (or both)?


Did you ever wonder what that story may have looked like if Four and Eric were the main characters? Did you ever wonder about Eric's past and why he was so angry and mean?


Well, so did I... so I decided to write that story.


Daunting Tower is a retelling of Divergent prior to Tris entering the picture.


It is about two angsty, angry and hurting boys (Four and Eric) who are each other's biggest competitor and antagonist as they go through Dauntless Initiation... but also they become something more...


Dangerous secrets are revealed as Four and Eric grow closer for all the wrong reasons... that turn into all the right reasons.


Daunting Tower is hosted on AO3 and is free to read. You do not need an account to read it or any other piece of fiction on AO3.


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Tropes: M/M Romance, New Adult, Angsty/Moody Enemies-to-Lovers, Secrets, Fighting/Violence


Content Warnings: Daunting Tower contains sexual situations, violence, and death. The main characters to not die. Four and Eric will get an HEA.






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