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I am currently 70% of the way writing the first draft of DARE YOU TO LOVE ME, a M/M young adult/new adult novel.


The OC meets MY FAULT


Draft Blurb:


In his junior year of high school, seventeen-year-old Ciaran Thompson keeps his head down and grades grades up while helping his mom keep the family business afloat.


Everything changes when his mom elopes with Stefon Lagarosa, a billionaire media mogul and tycoon. In a matter of days, Ciaran is uprooted from everything he knows--friends, school, his mentor--to live in a gigantic mansion on the coast of California.


Once there, everything is at his fingertips--cars, clothes, expensive jewelry, celebrities, exotic vacations, and... his new college age step-brother, the insufferable bad boy Tyson Lagarosa.


At first, Ty ignores Ciaran to spend time with his college friends, train for an upcoming swim competition, and rub shoulders with celebrities, which is fine by Ciaran. But he isn't fooled... Ty's eyes follow his every move and he can't tell if Ty thinks his mom is a con artist or if Ty wants something more, something dangerous. But things take a drastic turn when Ciaran discovers Ty is involved in fencing stolen artifacts.


Running away won't do any good, nor will telling the authorites. The Lagarosa's are West Coast royalty and own Malibu. Besides, Ciaran is already running from his own secrets and doesn't want Ty getting too close. Except, Ty has other plans and their instant, dangerous attraction for each other may tear everything apart.


For Ciaran and Ty, love may not be enough when demons from both their pasts catch up to them.


Genre: M/M Romance

Audience: 17+

Tropes: Step-brother, billionaire, bad boy, celebrity, fish-out-of-water, coming of age, first times, first love, secrets

Book Trailer for DARE YOU TO LOVE ME

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