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Kelly, a veteran of the armed forces, is an indie and multiple-genre author. To date, she's the author of six novels, to include the Falling For Him series, as well as the Reclaimed Souls series. Her short stories can found within many anthology volumes and various e-zines. She loves hearing from readers. She's on Twitter and Instagram @kellywashwrites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the reading order for the Falling For Him series?

  • Falling For You
  • Hungry For You
  • Ready For You


2. What's the reading order for the Reclaimed Souls series?


  • The Pale Waters
  • The Queen of Scarred Hearts
  • The Daughter of Lava
  • The Priestess of Reclaimed Souls


3. Do you write under any other name?


  • I used to write under Della Roth, as well as Jean Aeglothecca. Those pen names have been retired.
  • In the future, I might write YA under the name K.A. Washington.


4. What are you working on now?


  • I'm always writing something, whether it's a short story, or working on a series. Since I am an indie published author, I don't have a set schedule, and I must say that I immensely enjoy the freedom. Stay tuned to my website to get the inside scoop of current works in progress.


5. What is your favorite book?


  • My interests and tastes vary throughout the year, and have adjusted over the years, but I must admit to reading Jane Eyre at least twice a year. Second to this is Pride and Prejudice. But... that said, I think the story that I gravitate toward the most is the beauty and the beast retelling called Beauty, by Robin McKinnley. It incorporates one of my favorite tropes (beauty and the beast) with fantasy, romance, innocence, magic, all with a fairytale retelling. It's a rather enchanting story.


6. Can you read my book? Will you review my book?


  • Unfortunately, no. Feel free to tell me about it. I always love talking about books. If your story sounds like something up my alley, then I might check it out if it is already published and for sale. However, between writing, editing, and my full-time job, I do not have the time to read and provide critiques. There are a lot of resources out there for authors, and I recommend working with a crit group.


7. When did you start writing? When were you first published?


  • I've been writing since about the age of eleven. I started with poetry, and I obsessed over the cadence and rhyming. Next I transitioned into the essay-form of fictional writing that mixed with my real-life. After that, I had trouble writing a full novel as I got stuck after about the first fifty-sixty pages. I had no idea of how to plot, or outline, or anything like that, so I started writing short stories just so that I could successfully write a beginning, middle, and an end to a story. If you are a writer, then you know that this isn't as easy as it sounds since short stories are their own little monsters, and it's a tough gig to balance the right amount of words, voice, plot, character development, and pacing in crafting a story story.


  • My first published story, "Smolder" came out in early 2012. I haven't looked back. ;)


8. Who does your covers? Who is your editor? What writing software do you use?


  • For my science fiction and fantasy titles, I use James T. Egan, over at bookflydesign.com
  • For my contemporary romance titles, I use Gabrielle Pendergast, over at coveryourdreams.net, and Anita B Carroll, at race-point.com
  • For my short story titles, I license stock art from istockphoto, and create my own covers using a program called pixelmater
  • My editor is the amazingly talented Susan Helene Gottfried, over at westofmars.com
  • I use a powerful program called Scrivener to write, plot, and outline my short stories and novels. Scrivener is perfect because authors can export their finished novels into a PDF, mobi (Kindle), or an epub e-book.


9. I heard you were a military veteran, is this correct?


  • Yes! I was enlisted in the army and my background is in intelligence. Contrary to what the army recruiter told me as I signed the paperwork, I did not end up becoming a female version of James Bond. I had a ton of fun, and I was in fantastic shape, but nothing that exciting, or glamorous, happened while I was on active duty. <In short: I was not a spy!> I'm honored and proud to have served in the army!


10. What do you do when you're not writing?


  • When I'm not sleeping, I'm drinking coffee; and when I'm not drinking coffee, I'm sleeping. But in all seriousness, I read almost daily, and my favorite genre is romance. I tend to read Regency, Contemporary Romance, and Young Adult, as well as SFR (Science Fiction Romance) titles. When I'm not reading, then I'm spending time with my family.
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