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My SF story that originally appeared in Kaleidotrope's Winter 2020 Issue

Anne's ship crash lands on a foreign planet. What unfolds is a story about what it truly means to be a human with vivid memories on a planet with no humanity.

The Pale Waters

Read the first novella in my 4-novella series.


Summoned by Izkirka’s mysterious ruler, class-zero citizen Rahda clashes with Prince Roland Rexus in a battle of lies, secrets, and seduction. She's been sent to kill him, he knows it, and, strangely enough, he does nothing to actively stop her.


But once she's in the presence of the man who everyone calls a dark prince, everything begins to unravel.







The disfigured prince has his own reasons for summoning the woman meant to kill him; reasons that will alter Rahda's perception of the world around her. Within a matter of days, she’s thrust into an unfamiliar society with an untrustworthy prince, and becomes involved in a war she never knew existed.


Rahda's no longer sure where she fits in when she uncovers the truth about Roland, and about herself.


The Pale Waters, the first novella in the Reclaimed Souls Series, will have readers asking themselves, "Who Owns Your Soul?"


Who holds who "captive" in this erotic tale?


Can one night turn into forever?


Sometimes, all it takes is a distraction to ignite passion

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