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The Daughter of Lava is the third installment of the four-volume epic journey of Rahda and Roland in a heart-pounding blend of romance, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure, perfect for fans of Kushiel’s Dart, Cruel Beauty, Graceling, and Sea of Shadows.


Stunned when Prince Roland abdicates, Rahda’s family secrets surface she confronts the fact that she is the Sevradan heir. Forced to tackle her own demons while fielding threats from multiple factions, Rahda takes matters into her own hands, leads her army, and pushes the boundaries of her heart, her soul, and her future.


Everything Roland does—and has done for the last decade—is for Rahda and his belief that she is the true heir and the Sacred Soul. There is no doubt in his mind that she will save the continent. Sacrificing himself is the easy part. Losing Rahda will forever torment him if he is wrong.


The Daughter of Lava will have readers asking themselves, "Who Knows Your Secret?”


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Science Fiction & Fantasy (SFR)

Reclaimed Souls #1

Rahda's life changes when the dark prince mysteriously summons her to the palace (Dark SFR)



Reclaimed Souls #2

Intrigue and royal rumors swirl around Rahda as she flees the palace, and meets someone who challenges her feelings for the dark prince (Dark SFR)



Reclaimed Souls #3

The truth about Rahda's family dismantles her already chaotic life, and, now that she knows the dark prince's plans, everything changes (Dark SFR)


Reclaimed Souls #4

Rahda owns up to her short comings and reclaims her destiny, but it comes at a terrible price (Dark SFR)



Contemporary Military Romance

Falling For Him #1

Justin, a staff sergeant in the army, must face down an angry company commander, kidnappings, a goofy sidekick named Nebraska, while coming to terms with his feelings for another man in his company. (Humorous M/M Romance)



Falling For Him #2

After Aaron confesses his feelings for Justin, Justin - confused by his own feelings - flees just in time for he and Nebraska to find more trouble as the military conspiracy grows to epic proportions. (Humorous M/M Romance)



Falling For Him #3

Justin finally gets his act straight when it comes to Aaron, and everything comes full circle once he, Aaron, and Nebraska solve the conspiracy. (Humorous M/M Romance)



Falling For Him (The Complete Series)

Justin go through a lot of obstacles (mostly insane ones) before he and Aaron can sort out their feelings for one another. (Humorous M/M Romance)



Collide Into You (Touch of Magic #1)

Bickering, and secretly in love, roommates (Keira, a rule-loving sergeant, and Dillan, a womanizer) are charmed and wake up in opposite bodies. Now they must figure out how to undo the switch - before they kill each other. An adult freaky Friday story. (Humorous M/F Sweet Romance)



Touch of Magic #2 (Alec & Courtney)

Tentatively titled "Out of Time" - MLB Pitcher Alec Huffman and Explosives Expert Capt. Courtney Hall fall in love in the midst of a "time stream disruption". Expected Publication: 2016



Tasty Morsels (Military Erotica)

Can one night turn into forever?



Who holds who captive in this erotic tale?


All it takes is one touch to ignite them



Anthologies My Stories Appear In

Recycled Pulp

Many great stories in this anthology. This also happens to be my first PRO-SALE. My story is titled "Prism of the Crab Gods" - September 2015



Hidden In Crime

My story is titled "The American Flag of Sergeant Hale Schofield". The editor is the fantastic Kristine Kathrine Rusch - January 2016



YA Superpowers

My story is titled "Flowers in Winter". The editor is the incredibly talented (and super nice!) Rebecca Moesta - Summer 2016



Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline

My story will be the lead story in Kevin J. Anderson's "Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline" anthology. My story is titled "The Wrong Side of the Tracks" - Fall 2016



Editors Cut

Kobo Editor Mark Lafebvre bought my story "Breaking Kayfabe" (a wrestling story) for his Editors Cut anthology - January 2017



Literary Short Stories


A sergeant returns from war and confronts the man she conned - her husband (Not a romance)



A Sinful Wife

A pychological tale of an affair gone wrong. (Not a romance)



The Christmas Journey

A young boy seeks heaven in order to join his father, but this mystical tale is anything but ordinary.



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